Seriously. Let me make you something. 

Need a website? I will build you one. Your head’s cold? I will knit you a freaking adorable hat.* I make lots of things, and you probably need all of them.

I spend most of my days designing marketing materials and web graphics for small businesses, nonprofits, and theater people. They pay me to take their ideas and make them nice to look at so they make more money, sell more tickets, woo more donors. If you need something cool made, I’m your girl. And if you want to find out if I’m any good, I suppose that’s fair. Scroll down…

*I can’t actually make you a hat right now, sorry. But maybe you want a fancy business card instead? Think about it…


You need letterhead and business cards and twitter memes to promote that awesome thing you’re doing. Or maybe you need some fancy images for your website because it’s booooooriiiiiing. I’m good at making that stuff. Look what I did for these people…

CLIENT: Trickle Up (web images)

Created this fancy logo and a bunch of web images for their annual report website. Also, I designed the website, BLAMMO.

CLIENT: The Water Trust (event stuff, program reports, etc.)

When you do important stuff, you’ve gotta write it down and send it out to fancy people so they’ll give you money. The Water Trust does a whole crapton of important stuff, and after they write it down, they send it to me to make pretty. (And the wallets just faaaaall open…)

CLIENT: Ascetic Productions (infographic, lead magnet + other stuff)

I design stuff for these guys while they edit your podcast while you spend your time on other very important things.

CLIENT: The Possibility Project (print materials, etc.)

Eight years of theater posters, event signage, newsletters, web things, promotional post cards, etc., etc., etc. Eight years, y’all. I can show you TPP stuff for daaaaays.

CLIENT(s): Random, but no less beloved.

A selection of a smattering of a swath of things I’ve made.

It’s annoying to think about building a dumb website.

You’ve got a bunch of other stuff to do – let me do it. I love thinking about that stuff. Plus I’m good at it. Hire me. These people did:

The Water Trust

2017 Annual Report Website

Every year, The Water Trust builds like a ton of wells and bathrooms in Uganda and saves a bunch of sweet little babies from dying of poop diseases. If that’s not something to toot your horn about, I don’t know what is.

I made them this Annual Report website to make their horn-tooting real fancy and professional-looking. Built on WordPress, December 2017.

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TrickleUp-3Trickle Up

2015 Annual Report Website

These supersmart people help like probably a gazillion women a year become successful business owners so they don’t have to rely on men to feed their kids and stuff. What they do is so awesome, you should totally give them lots of money. I made this site so they could brag about all the great work they did last year. Project included all graphic design on the site and logo creation. Built on WordPress, February 2016.

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2016 Annual Report Website

…And then in 2016, those supersmart people did even MORE excellent work with women in India and Africa and South America, and so we made ANOTHER site to tell the world about it. GO THEM, RIGHT? Project included all graphic design on the site and logo creation. Built on WordPress, February 2017.

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eCommerce Website

A brilliant little tool for music students and composers to make their musical lives a little more tidy and a lot less annoying.  Project included all graphic design on the site, logo creation, and product design. And everything else (say hello to mah side hustle). Built on WordPress, August 2017.

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Automagic Business Consulting

Small Business Website

This site replaced a busy, overdone mountain of words and wackiness, with the goal of zen-ifying the user’s experience. Simple, clean, woosaaaah…

Project included a complete revamping of site structure, plus integration of Infusionsoft, PopupAlly, ScheduleOnce, etc., etc., etc. Built on WordPress, October 2017.

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No Strangers I Say

The Greatest Blog Ever

Okay, so it’s my blog. Whatever, I’m still counting it as “stuff I’ve done.” Built on Blogger, June 2014. Rebuilt on WordPress, March 2015. Rebuilt again on WordPress w/Divi theme, January 2018.

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benvenutiartsBenvenuti Arts

Small Business Website

Sarah Benvenuti is a grant-writing, event-coordinating, strategic-plan-developing superhero. She is saving the world, one arts organization at a time.

This site replaced a lackluster Squarespace startup – one of those “it’ll do for now” deals that wasn’t quite “doing” it anymore. Project included a complete revamping of site structure, and application of fancy bits like forms with commerce capability. Built on WordPress, October 2016.

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Actor / Playwright / Applied Theater Practitioner

Jamie Roach is the greatest human being ever. He also has a kick-ass website (now). Built on Squarespace, October 2015.

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Perry Street ReflexologyPerry Street Reflexology

Small Business Website

These lovely ladies will rub your feet till you pass out drooling. Job included concept design, photography, e-mail setup, app integration, and frequent yelling matches with Mailchimp. Built on WordPress, November 2015.

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adventureswithauntkellyAdventures with Aunt Kelly

Kids’ Travel Blog

I started this blog in order to keep in touch with my niece while I was traveling. It’s pretty adorable, if I do say so myself. Built on WordPress, June 2016.

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I swear I didn’t make these quotes up.

Real people said them, and I included their pictures as proof that they actually exist. Also, look how attractive my clients are. Yowza.

Kelly’s worked on a number of projects for me from logos to infographics to lead capture freebies and more. She’s always exceeded any expectations I went in with and brought fresh ideas to the table beyond what I was capable of envisioning! On top of my own projects, she’s my go-to designer for when my clients need design work done as part of my service offerings. Kelly is AMAZING to work with, and I look forward to working with her much more in the future!

Jeremy Enns

Founder & Storyteller in Chief, Ascetic Productions

Working with Kelly was great! She did a complete redesign of my website. I have no eye for design, and so really couldn’t give her tons of direction. She was able to run with it, though, and give me options while still guiding me through the process.

Sarah Benvenuti

Founder & Lead Consultant, Benvenuti Arts

After 2.5 years, we were looking to update our website to reflect our new positioning, as a resource center for local food experiences. We engaged Kelly’s services to help us with the graphics evolution of the site. Kelly is a great listener and took the time to understand what we were looking for, even when we could not clearly articulate our visual vision. Fun to work with, Kelly always brought creative ideas and solutions to the table. It was our first time working together and we look forward to working again together in the future.

Claire & Rosemary

Co-Founders, Authentic Food Quest

Here’s some stuff about me which may (or may not) compel you to hire me.

Either way, you should probably read it because I spent a lot of time on this section.


1. I spent 8 years as resident graphic designer / website upkeep girl / systems czar / plant waterer at a small/awesome non-profit serving NYC teenagers.

2. I have a masters degree in opera performance. There was a time when I played violin, harp, piano, and marimba… I can no longer do any of those things, although I do ride a bike sometimes.

3. My early years were spent in Texas, mostly in bowling alleys; I’m a sick-ass bowler, no joke.

4. Sometimes I write ridiculous things on the internet for fun. Occasionally I get paid for it. I WOULD NOT BE SAD IF YOU WANTED TO PAY ME TO WRITE RIDICULOUS THINGS ALL DAY, HINT HINT, WINK WINK.

5. My Dad’s name is Santa. I’m not making this up, it’s actually true.

6. A couple years ago I left the big city for the hostels of Southeast Asia (etc.) in an effort to relive the early adulthood I squandered by going to church a lot. You can waste an afternoon reading about this mortifying journey on my seriously dumb travel blog.

7. I really, really, really hate small round foods with squishy insides. Peas, okra, bubble tea, miniature grapes… all of these are disgusting. Corn is the absolute worst.

8. About 95% of the emails I send include either bullets or a numbered list.

You know what I hate?

Contact forms. They’re the worst. How ’bout we just communicate like normal people. You send me an email – tell me what you need. I’ll respond with a quote. Simple. Sound like a plan? Awesome. Talk to you soon…